My name is Markus Linde and I have been successfully running my thag’s agent imprint for some 13 years now making me, I guess, a veteran of independent German synch brokerage.

With a comprehensive professional career in the record business, in music publishing and artist management, I can draw from experience and knowledge as well as from a love for music.

I can look back over quite a track record for music placements in national and international advertising campaigns, and some films, too.

I also conduct a personal consultancy, and, naturally, contribute to international conferences, work-shops and panels.


Music rights researches and clearances have become a much sought after service of thag’s agent, as well as music consulting.

However, my main - and favorite -  field of expertise is the search and the consulting for just the right original piece of music for a commercial, a film, a scene: hearing and understanding what you are looking for, going on the search and providing inspired and constructive results.

Needless to say, that an understanding for budgetary and rights complexities is on constant watch, the pre-clearance of availability of a piece of music before it reaches the client’s ear, is an inherent part of my service, as well as the negotiation and clearance of all proper rights.

It is widely appreciated by agencies, producers, and clients, that thag’s agent provides a serious professional and reliable service, yet still, always with a bespoke and personal approach.


I find my contributions for pitches, briefings and slots in a wide range of sources: catalogues from the major to smallest independent publishers, labels, and artists.

I search and I dig deep in catalogues and databases, I apply to a wide range of experts for their contributions, I am led by experience, but I also follow my antenna and my intuition. Looking for the “right” piece of music outside the box is a speciality and is usually considered a welcome additional creative impulse.  

I am wide open from the start and then I hand-pick from my harvest according to the individual task at hand. Mainstream or cutting edge, well-known or insiders’ tip - the final decision is yours.

Every job is attended to with fresh ears and mind and you can always trust my results.