Check 24
Music for iconic campaigns since 2014: consulting, brokering, rights clearance.
Songs: Everybody Dance Now, Super Freak, The Power and more

Holistic music concept incl. production, strategic release, marketing. Adaption of an underground-released song with no rights affiliation. Consulting, rights research, rights clearance. German Brand Award “Beste Social Media Kampagne”
Song: Stesteste

Consulting, brokering, rights clearance for a hit song
Song: Dua Lipa - New Rules

Two world-wide campaigns. Brokering on very short note highly reliable production unit with expertise in required tonality, adaption capacity and licensing flexibility.
Producer: 3Berlin

Iconic Bulli (Camper)-campaign. Consulting, brokering, rights clearance.
Song: The Platters - Only You

Campaign for sustainability. Song search, brokering, rights clearance.
Song: Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams (unreleased, went on to chart in Germany)

Summer campaign. Consulting. Song search. Brokering and supervising bespoke song production (Studio BASS).
Song: Vacas - Der perfekte Sommer

Various song-based campaigns. Song search, brokering and rights clearance.
Songs: T. Rex - Children Of The Revolution (upon individual approval by estate), NoNoNo - Pumping Blood (Marketing co-op, went on to chart in Germany)

Cactus campaign. Rights research and clearance of period recording.
Song: Comedian Harmonists - Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus

The Big Freeze
Award entry case-study of a pro bono campaign for homeless people with ambitious music choice: Radiohead’s Creep performed by New York homeless as found on Youtube.
Rights research, negotiations, brokering and clearance - pro bono.

Samsung Galaxy
Campaign film using an unreleased song by an unsigned Canadian artist found on a Youtube film. Rights research, negotiation, clearance.
Song: Sea Oleena - Island Cottage

Alpina Weiss
Campaign film, foreign rights owners with no representation in the Territory. Brokering and rights clearance.
Song: Peter von Poehl - The Story of the Impossible

Campaign song, music search, brokering adaption and rights clearance.
Song: Diane Weigmann - Die Welt dreht sich


Campaign song, music search, brokering, rights clearance
Song: Goldfrapp - Ooh La La