Der Goldene Handschuh (The Golden Glove)

Dir. Fatih Akin
Genre and era specific music consulting to supervisor and director, research, rights clearance.  Best Use of Music-Award of the German Film Press

Anne Clark - I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

Dir. Klaus Withopf (Documentary)
Music consultant to production and director, subsequent music rights and rights owners research, individual negotiation, rights clearance

Kurz und schmerzlos (Short Sharp Shock)

Dir. Fatih Akin
Music consultant to production: Expired music rights research of original and current rights owners, rights clearance.

Aus dem Nichts (In The Fade)

Dir. Fatih Akin
Music consulting to supervisor and director, music research, rights clearance.

Faltenrock (Documentary)

Dir. Leonie Kock & Janina Rasch
Music consultant to directors: subsequent music rights research original songs and clearance.

Bayala - A Magic Adventure

Dir. Aina Järvine & Federico Milella
End-credit song: consulting, research, production, licensing, release, marketing.
Label and publishing set-up for production company: consulting.